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A list of the Ariel's (and Commander's) four major critical maintenance areas.


Rudder Shaft
Back Stay Chain Plate
Strong Back
Sink Drain

1. Rudder Shaft

Thirty plus years in salt water and electrically "hot" marinas is causing corrosion induced failure in the Ariel's upper rudder shaft. The shaft is made from marine bronze stock, and it is fastened to the rudder board with bronze wood screws and bolts. Inspect the area of the shaft near the bend at each haul-out.

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2. Back Stay Chain Plate

The chain plate for the back stay can pull from the mounting bolts or become deformed and fail under certain conditions. Adding extra bolts, reinforcing the transom, or going to a split backstay are recommended upgrades.

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3. Strong Back

The Ariel/Commander deck stepped masts are supported by either a strong back (Ariel), or a compression post (Commander). The Ariels' strong back is part of the bulkhead between the two cabins and is subject to sagging. Reinforcing the strong back is recommended. The Commanders' compression post is anchored in the bilge and may be exposed to water, check for integrity.

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4. Sink Drain

The galley sink's basket drain assembly can corrode. When it fails, the drain hose will fall below the water line and begin siphoning water into the boat. The boat will likely sink if the condition is not discovered. Tie-up the drain hose to prevent it from falling should the sink basket assembly fail.

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For more information on these & other problem areas, and how to fix them, order the Ariel Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide.

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