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First and foremost you must register as a member before you can post. You will need to click on the "register" button at the top of the web page. Enter the information that is requested including a user name and password. Some information is not required, but would be nice to have. Registering will allow posting as well as use of the additional functions on the board such as Personal Messaging and emailing a member. Please see the FAQ for further information.

Posting to the new forum is fairly straight forward. At the top you will find the main section "Ariel Association Forum". Below the main section there are several forum categories such as "Sailing" and "Technical". If you click on the word "Sailing" you will be taken to the forum. Once in the forum/topic you will find all the related threads containing posts that you can read and respond. You must click on the thread to read the posts included below as well as to be able to reply to a post within the thread. Additionally you can create your own thread at the level below the topic. There are many options when posting, but the only one required is the "Message", but please include a subject. You can include "icons" with the subject when you select one from the "Message Icon" section. You can add "smiley's" to your post by either clicking on the picture on the left or adding the characters that represent the "smiley". i.e. :) is for smile and you will get the little orange "smiley" in your message. The section that states "vB Code" is for changing the formatting of your message font as well as including images and links in your message. If you select "enhanced" you can add the tags within your post to format your text. More detailed explanations and directions can be found in the FAQ.

I hope that this information will help everyone to get started posting to the new board. I will do my best to poke around on the board to help with any questions or issues that might come up.

You can use the link at the bottom of the forum to return to the Ariel Association home page.

Please enter and enjoy: